Saturday, January 8, 2011

Traders voice concern over political turmoil

Traders voice concern over political turmoil
ISLAMABAD  (January 08, 2011) : Traders here has expressed grave concern over the increasing political 'instability' in the country, saying that it has created chaos and confusion among the traders as well as masses. They said this during a meeting here on Friday, which was attended by Chairman Blue Area Malik Sagheer, Liaquat Ali Noon, Haji Muhammad Naeem, Shahid Alam, Syed Amin Pirzada, Yousuf Rajput, and Abdul Hameed Abbasi and other representatives of the traders.

"We request our political parties to help end instability and insecurity, which is taking its toll on the economy, said Malik Sohail Hussain, Vice President National Traders Alliance.

Opposition parties headquartered in Punjab are in the majority in the parliament with no desire to topple or join government, he added. They said that printing of excessive currency notes would increase hyperinflation. The government should avoid this move as the masses were already facing tough time due to ever-increasing inflation.

This carelessness of the government tantamount to pushing millions below poverty line, which will have severe political consequences, he warned. The US should play its due role to help government, which has undergone a dramatic status change - from a majority coalition government to a minority government, Malik Sohail said. The situation merits an urgent visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to hammer out important matters which cannot be kept pending, he added.

The US has always helped Pakistan and saved us from defaults. Now it should help secure interests of its major ally in war on terror, he said. US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Phelps Munter also needs to play his role in defusing political tensions in an amicable way, Sohail said. Removal of present government will plunge the country into chaos as another coalition government will not be able to resolve the issues of business community as well as masses, he said.

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