Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fuel shortage: PSO restores oil supply to railways

Fuel shortage: PSO restores oil supply to railways

LAHORE: Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has decided to restore the fuel supply to Pakistan Railways despite a pending payment of Rs750 million, The Express Tribune learnt on good authority on Thursday.
Sources in PSO said that cheques given by PR have consistently been dishonoured.

Karakoram passenger train on Thursday, which left Lahore for Karachi was delayed by an hour at the Faisalabad railway station because it was not refilled at the Lahore station.
Pakistan Railways had already shut down 39 freight trains because of fuel shortage.
Sources from PR said that due to the financial crunch, an estimated budget of Rs613 billion is unlikely to be met as after six months of the present fiscal year, it has just received Rs21 billion.

PSO’s Public relations officer Mariam Shah told The Express Tribune that her company had asked Pakistan Railways to enter into a “fuel supply agreement” with them to ensure the payment of their dues. In case of a delay, the government would make the payment on behalf of PR.

She added that PSO restored the fuel supply taking into consideration the suspension of passenger train services.
Will Dawood Ibrahim save Pakistan Railways? 

Mumbai: India's most wanted gangster Dawood Ibrahim's henchmen in the city are bragging that the don has been approached to bail out Pakistan Railways, which is facing a serious financial crunch.

The buzz among underworld sources are that some Pakistani politicians and senior Inter-Services Intelligence officers (ISI) have asked Dawood to divert money to the smooth functioning of the railways.

The request to Dawood comes at a time when over 20-odd freight trains with loaded goods ran out of fuel in his backyard in Karachi, the hotbed of crime in Pakistan.

According to sources, the slowdown (confirmed by a Pakistani paper 30 freight trains with 4,085 rakes loaded with goods are stranded across Pakistan) has also affected Dawood's business as many believe that the goods on the stranded trains belong to his front companies.

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