Saturday, January 8, 2011

Power outages increase upto 12 hours

Power outages increase upto 12 hours

LAHORE: Power outages across the country, particularly in Sindh, increased by three to four hours on Thursday after three plants of the Pakistan Electric Power Company developed weather-related faults causing an additional shortfall of 1,500MW.

The company was already carrying out six to eight hours of loadshedding because of a 3,000MW shortfall which has now gone up by 50 per cent.

According to Pepco officials, Engro Power based in Daharki (220MW), Liberty Power (200MW) of Faisalabad and Guddu Power (1,000MW) partially went out of operation in the morning.
Because of weather-related factors some transmission lines in Sindh tripped and took the plants down.
Insiders say that apart from bad weather fuel supply problems also affected generation. “The three plants together created an additional shortfall of only 520MW,” said a Pepco official.

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