Thursday, December 16, 2010

There should be clarity on Govt gas load-shedding policy – APTMA

There should be clarity on Govt gas load-shedding policy – APTMA

Central Chairman All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Gohar Ejaz said Monday the government should make clear its policy towards textile industry before finalizing winter gas load management plan, as shifting of total gas shortfall on textile industry any further would lead to massive bankruptcies.
He said textile industry was consuming 15 percent (600mmcfd) of total load of 4000mmcfd but the shortage is already being shifted on the industry which is unfair.

According to him, textile industry has already lost $1.5 billion exports last year as a sizeable capacity remained idle on account of non-availability of gas. This loss is likely to touch $3 billion this year due to increase in value of commodities, if the gas supply to the industry is discriminatory suspended, he added.

He feared industry production loss to the extent of 30 percent ahead in case textile industry is denied gas during peak load period starting from November till February.

He said textile industry has already suffered from 44 days unprecedented gas load shedding during summer. The industry worries are piling up fast with regard to the next 12 months load management policy, he added.
A gas denial to textile industry would lead to heavy closures, already inches away from bankruptcy.He said 75 percent of textile industry in Punjab was exclusively dependent on gas supply to keep its wheel moving. The industry has faced the brunt of the situation heavily, as it is already deprived of gas supply for some 45 days up to October this year, he added.

According to him, the textile industry has no alternative option to switch over, as electricity load shedding is already in place.

Gohar said this gruesome energy situation is posing serious threat to the industry viability, its exports potential and further investment of $1 billion in the wake of EU facility of market access.
He further deplored that cotton is still lying with farmers and industry's potential to build inventories and tap upcoming opportunities is fading out fast.

He urged the President, Prime Minister and Federal Petroleum Minister to ensure priority gas availability to textile industry in winter load management program to materialize its true potential ahead.

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